Stinky fish halts classic Hurtigruten ship

Around 70 passengers evacuated due to leaking water

Around 70 passengers had to be evacuated from one of the classic ships operated by the cruise company Hurtigruten after they woke up to a terrible stink of rotting fish.

Water used to clean a cargo hold that contained salted fish accidentally flooded into the passenger cabins on the MS Lofoten, forcing the captain to evacuate the vessel.

“Around 600 litres of polluted water got into the cabins and there was a terrible stink of fish,” Captain Svein Erik Jacobsen of the MS Lofoten told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

The ship stopped in Ålesund to deliver the salted fish and was being cleaned, but a damaged drain sent the dirty water into the cabins. The vessel , built in 1964, made it to Florø before the captain decided to evacuate the passengers, who were then put on a fast ferry to Bergen.

The ship is now undergoing extensive repairs. “We have to get rid of the stink, that’s the most important thing,” the captain said.

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[pictured: MS Lofoten, built in 1964, the oldest vessel in Hurtigruten’s fleet; photo courtesy Hurtigruten]