Stockholm awaits half a million cruise pax

240 cruise ships to call in before season closes
The 2016 cruise season starts in Stockholm when the cruise ship MSC Musica docks tomorrow. This summer half a million cruise passengers are expected to visit the city and spend a combined total of around SEK 0.5 billion (€54 million) during their stay on hotel stays, restaurant visits, sightseeing and shopping.
Each year, Stockholm sees more than 40 cruise shipping companies docking at its ports. This year the season opens when MSC Musica calls at Stadsgården on May 3.
It is anticipated that 240 cruise ships will call at Ports of Stockholm before the season closes on October 13 with the departure of the vessel Aidamar. Viking Ocean Cruises will continue its turnarounds (when passengers begin and/or end their cruise) in Stockholm and increase its presence with an additional vessel, Viking Sea.
The work to develop the city as an international cruise destination is a joint effort shared between Ports of Stockholm and the Stockholm Visitors Board.
Vessels are becoming bigger and can accommodate more passengers. In time for the start of this cruise season, Ports of Stockholm says it “substantially improved service” at Nynäshamn port with a 260-metre extendible pier that can connect directly to the vessel.
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