Stockholm builds floating pier for cruise ships

Seawalk to be put in place in Nynäshamn in May
Work on constructing Ports of Stockholm’s newest quay has begun. Just as the cruise season begins, a unique pier known as a Seawalk will be in place in Nynäshamn.
The Seawalk is a type of retractable, manoeuvrable floating pier, and there are only a few similar constructions in the world. It is being assembled in Norway, with some parts manufactured in Romania, and will be delivered ready to be installed in May.
When a cruise ship is not in port, the Seawalk is retracted. When a vessel approaches the port the floating pier is extended towards the vessel in a similar way to extending a measuring rule, so that the vessel can tie up alongside the pier.
This allows passengers and luggage to be disembarked or embarked via the Seawalk. It is also possible to drive small vehicles along the pier. Work is currently being carried out on the quay at Nynäshamn where the Seawalk will be installed, as well as on a land-based logistics tower.
TTG Nordic

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