Stockholm ferry crash injures passengers

Three people in hospital as Slussen ferry rams quay

At least three people were hospitalised when a ferry full of passengers, most of them tourists, making the busy crossing from Djurgården rammed into the quay at Slussen in central Stockholm on Saturday. One passenger described the incident as “very scary” and said that another person on board was bleeding badly from a head wound. The ferry was travelling at a high speed, he said, adding: “It was a very, very hard smash. A lot of children were sad and scared.”
Emergency services were quickly on the scene and a crowd gathered on the quay. The captain of the ferry was found to be sober, but it is possible that ferry staff put the boat into reverse too late. Police are investigating.
TT/The Local
[pictured: Royal Palace, Stockholm; photo by Ola Ericson/]


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