Stockholm hotel lets guests “pay” with art

From today, artists can stay at Clarion in return for their art

The Clarion Hotel Stockholm says it loves art so much that from today, artists can pay for their hotel stay with art. “It’s all really very simple: An artwork – a room – one night,” the hotel declares on its website. Reservations made by email should include the booking code: Room for Art. Artworks must be signed by the artist and be submitted on arrival together with a Room for Art booking form that can be downloaded on the hotel website. Rooms can be reserved seven days before the date of arrival at the earliest and one day before at the latest. Ownership of all artwork, including exclusive rights of use, is transferred in full to the Clarion Hotel Stockholm on submission.
The famous Chelsea Hotel in New York once allowed artists and musicians to stay in return for their art, and this proved to be the inspiration for the Clarion Stockholm.
“It all started with the fact that our general manager’s grandfather was an artist,” the hotel’s marketing manager, Tess Mattisson, told The Local. “He actually had some of his work hanging in the Chelsea Hotel and now that their hotel has closed down, the manager was so inspired that our hotel will continue the tradition.”
The Local
[pictured: Clarion Hotel Stockholm]

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