Stockholm: most expensive hotels in Europe

Survey compares 30 cities based on cheapest double room

Stockholm is the most expensive destination in Europe based on the cost of its hotel accommodation. This is the conclusion of a new survey, which compares rates for 30 of the main destinations in Europe between June and August 2012. In this particular survey, however, the rankings are based on the cost of each location’s cheapest available double room, in a minimum two-star hotel. As such, the prices behind the rankings – compiled by – reflect the minimum amount guests had to spend to stay in European cities this summer.
In Stockholm, travellers had to pay, on average, €111 for the cheapest available hotel room. But at that price, the Swedish capital was only slightly more expensive than Edinburgh, Scotland, the second-place finisher at €109. Least expensive, by far, was Athens where summertime visitors could have snagged a room for only €23 per night, on average. Also at the bottom of the list, perhaps more surprisingly, were Berlin, Rome and Madrid. All three came in with summer rates below €50 per night.
The ten most expensive destinations in Europe: Stockholm €111; Edinburgh €109; Venice €103; Zurich €101; Oslo €94; Copenhagen €93; London €91; Nice €78; Paris €73; Dublin €71.
[pictured: Sheraton Stockholm Hotel]


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