Stockholm priciest city break; Riga cheapest

Riga, Tallinn far cheaper for city breaks than Stockholm, Copenhagen

The popular travel website Yahoo! Travel has named Stockholm as the most expensive city-break destination out of 19 cities surveyed. Surprisingly, London is now a cheaper travel destination than Rome or Paris. In contrast, by far the best-value city in Europe for short breaks for Yahoo! Travel’s mainly UK-based readers this spring is Riga. Holidaymakers on a budget from Britain can get more for their carefully saved pounds at a number of intriguing European destinations. But the Latvian capital is currently top of the list, ahead of Tallinn, Warsaw and Budapest. Vilnius is not named – presumably because of its still poor number of connections by air with the UK and the rest of Europe.
The city-break survey, the City Costs Barometer report, comes courtesy of the UK’s Post Office. The list was compiled by creating a “basket” of typical holiday costs, such as hotel accommodation, meals, drinks, public transport and sightseeing. Riga boasts a total basket price of £114.92 (€131), which is just a third of the basket for the most expensive city, Stockholm, with a total of £313.64 (€358). The priciest cities, like Stockholm, are weighed down mostly because of the extreme cost of accommodation. However, as cities like Riga and Tallinn recover strongly from the recent economic crisis, it can be expected that prices there will rebound again in the coming year.
A major reason why Stockholm and New York end up at the bottom of the cost table is the high price of accommodation. According to, a one night stay in a 3-star hotel in New York now costs £166 – more than three times the price of a similar room in Riga. Yet it is Copenhagen that has the most expensive public transport in the list. A two-day travel card in the Danish capital will cost as much as £31.41 – five times the cost of the same travel card in Edinburgh. That is not going to encourage tourists to come and see the city. But Stockholm beats all other cities for the cost of a meal. A three-course evening meal for two with wine will cost £94.15 – compared to Prague, where the price is £20.14.
Yahoo! Travel

Here’s the list:
City / Country / Total basket price
Riga / Latvia / £114.92
Prague / Czech Republic / £134.79
Budapest / Hungary / £136.06
Tallinn / Estonia / £142.04
Warsaw / Poland / £144.18
Lisbon / Portugal / £149.93
Dublin / Ireland / £160.78
Berlin / Germany / £192.74
Edinburgh / UK / £202.85
Barcelona / Spain / £217.89
Bruges / Belgium / £228.62
London / UK / £237.10
Amsterdam / Netherlands / £242.42
Rome / Italy / £247.50
Paris / France / £253.74
Copenhagen / Denmark / £256.77
Boston / USA / £259.89
New York / USA / £305.97
Stockholm / Sweden / £313.64

Yahoo! Travel
[pictured: Three Brothers, example of medieval architecture in Old Riga; EPA Photo / AFI / Garis Diezins]



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