Stockholm-Riga moves to Värtahamnen

New port welcomes Tallink Silja vessels
The Stockholm-Riga ferry line has moved ports this week, away from Frihamnen. The Tallink Silja vessels Isabelle and Romantika will from now on be departing and arriving from Stockholm Värtahamnen.
The new port of Värtahamnen and Värta Terminal were officially inaugurated in December, an event that Ports of Stockholm said had “expanded the city by 85,000 square metres” by building a new pier and passenger terminal.
The terminal is located at Hamnpirsvägen 10, about one kilometre from the Frihamnen terminal. Ports of Stockholm says that Värtahamnen is one of the largest port areas in Stockholm and already serves extensive ferry traffic to Turku, Helsinki, Tallinn and Riga.
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