Stockholm taxis see easy prey in tourists

Problem could damage the city’s reputation over the long term

Tourists visiting Stockholm are more likely to be overcharged by taxi drivers than in virtually any other major city in the world, The Local writes. Overcharging is typical across Sweden but especially in the capital, according to a new survey by the Swedish Hotel and Restaurant Managers Association. The study concludes that the problem could seriously damage the city’s reputation as a tourist destination over the long term. Some visitors to the city have been charged 2,000 kronor ($295) for a taxi trip from Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport to the city centre. A related problem is that Stockholm hotel employees are often threatened in the battle for high-paying clients.
Peter Lindqvist, head of the Stockholm Visitors Board: “Charging high prices is not illegal, so all we can really do is try to make tourists as aware as possible.”
The Local
[photo Swedavia/Lasse Modin]

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