Storm’s huge waves strike Hurtigruten

Captain tells passengers to sit down or lie down

Another severe storm hit northern Norway yesterday with hurricane-force winds, creating seas rough enough to force the Hurtigruten ship Nord-Norge to turn around after leaving Hammerfest.

Passengers were knocked off their feet by the waves and the captain announced over the loudspeaker that all passengers must either sit down or lie down.

Passenger Ulf Syversen told NRK Norwegian Broadcasting how he was thrown against the wall of his cabin as the vessel was tossed by the waves.

“We were sailing south and had come out in Loppa [an area known of water known as Lopphavet] when we got the hurricane-force winds in from the side,” he said Syversen.

Around 250 people were on board. Crews went from cabin to cabin to calm passengers and check for injuries. A lot of cleaning up was needed afterwards. Fortunately only one passenger sustained an injury, badly hitting his head after running into a door.

Roads and highways were closed in Troms and Vest-Finnmark, ferries were cancelled and planes grounded in Tromsø and Bodø. A bus was swept off a road in Lofoten.