Storm cancels 10,000 flights, heads to Europe

Storm Jonas is heading to UK and Europe after battering US
The massive snowstorm that shut down New York, Washington DC and much of the rest of the north-eastern USA over the weekend is reported to be crossing the Atlantic towards Europe.
The blizzards brought by Storm Jonas killed at least 25 people in the US, and 11 states declared a state of emergency.
As of 18:50 US Eastern Time on Saturday, more than 10,700 flights had been cancelled due to the storm between Friday and Sunday, according to flight-tracking service FlightAware: 3,100 on Friday, 4,470 on Saturday, and at least 2,800 on Sunday. Around 350 flights had been cancelled for Monday.
Some 85 million people were affected by the storm, dubbed “Snowzilla” and around 200,000 people were left without power. In New York, Broadway shows were cancelled and cars banned from the roads.
The storm heaped 25.1 inches (63.8 centimetres) in New York, the third highest since records began in 1869, and 22.2 inches in Washington.
Now, in the UK, severe weather warnings have been issued for Tuesday and Wednesday as the storm heads there, with strong winds and fears of heavy rain and further flooding on top of what has already been experienced in recent weeks.
The Telegraph / USA Today


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