Storm causes Nordic travel chaos

Fjord Line ferry forced to sail between the fjords

Powerful storms that swept across the Nordic region over the weekend stopped a passenger ferry from docking in Bergen for more than 24 hours.

Carrying 150 passengers and 75 crew members sailing from northern Jutland in Denmark on Friday evening, the Fjord Line ferry was forced to bob up and down between the fjords, where conditions were a little calmer than the open sea.

It had been due to arrive in Bergen at 13:00 on Saturday but instead finally docked on Sunday afternoon because of damage to Bergen harbour. It initially changed course for Stavanger, but the intensity of the storm forced it to retreat to the fjords overnight.

“I can understand that people are frustrated about being a day delayed,” Gert Balling, Fjord Line’s Danish director, told Denmark’s TV2 News. “The forecasts were changed numerous times over the past two days so we made our decision and expected that we could make it to Stavanger. But we couldn’t. The storm changed and arrived an hour earlier.”

This morning, after the storm hit Sweden, buses replaced trains on several train lines including connections between Uddevall, Boras and Varberg. There were also rail delays between Gothenburg and both Malmö and Alsingsås.

Bridges including the Øresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden were forced to close on Saturday but reopened on Sunday.

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[image courtesy Fjord Line]


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