Street View used for Malmö Castle virtual tour

Expedia, Google Street View and Malmöhus Castle unite
An innovative new website has been developed that takes users on a unique tour around the oldest surviving renaissance castle in Scandinavia, Malmöhus Castle in Malmö.
Malmö is increasingly becoming a popular city destination, as well as having a pioneering combination of old and new, and with this in mind the castle worked with Expedia Sweden to produce something that brings the castle into the 21st century. Expedia is calling the project the first of its kind.
The virtual experience, which uses Google Street View technology, recently went live, with additional interactive layers that make the castle easy to explore using a smartphone, tablet or a laptop, without actually going there. It is hoped it will inspire new generations to discover the castle and its history.
Not only can different floors be explored, including areas that are normally excluded such as the dungeons, but it can also be used as an educational tool to learn about Malmöhus by clicking on displayed items and listening to the audio tour.
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