Strike cancelled as Norwegian backs down

Deal reached between Norwegian and cabin crew

Norwegian’s leadership and the Norwegian Cabin Crew Association have agreed at the last minute a wage deal for 2012. Flights will therefore be operating normally today. Mediation went overtime until the parties reached agreement at 02.30 last night, pushing past the original deadline of 23.59 Tuesday evening. Talks have been in progress since June on new terms of employment for the 1200 cabin attendants supported by the association. A strike would have involved 836 cabin staff in Norway and in the airline’s base in Copenhagen. Employees achieved their demands for a guarantee of permanent employment as well as the same percentage salary increase that pilots got earlier this year.
Scandinavia’s second-biggest airline and third biggest low-cost airline in Europe, with 296 routes to 114 destinations as of June 2012, has enjoyed significant growth in recent years carrying almost 16 million passengers in 2011. It has about 2500 employees and 64 aircraft.
Check-in / TTG Nordic
[pictured: Norwegian’s 50th new aircraft taking-off from Boeing Field; courtesy Norwegian]


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