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Frankfurt Airport (photo: Fraport)

Strikes to cripple German air traffic

The union Verdi is urging airport security staff at airports across the country to stop work tomorrow.

Security staff at Munich airport and other airports in Germany are being urged to walk off their jobs on Tuesday in solidarity with their striking colleagues in Frankfurt.

Besides Frankfurt and Munich, strikes are also likely in Hamburg, Hanover, Bremen, Halle/Saale, Dresden and Erfurt, The German Eye reports.

Although passengers are not directly affected in Munich, as the strike applies to personnel controlling the airlines and air freight, the union Verdi expects a significant impact on air traffic.

All of the the airports say they are preparing for the strike in every possible way together with the airlines and authorities.

But Frankfurt Airport operator Fraport warns it expects severe disruption, which will have “a massive impact on tens of thousands of travellers”. The Frankfurt strike starts at 02:00 and ends at 20:00.

Pressure tactics
Verdi, which is in wage talks on behalf of 23,000 security workers in Germany, aims to add pressure on companies in charge of screening passengers and luggage.

A similar strike on January 10 grounded more than 640 flights in Germany, mainly at Dusseldorf, Cologne and Stuttgart airports.

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