Major strikes to hit Air France in May

Pilot union declares national strike throughout the month



Air France has received the details of a strike notice filed by the SNPL National Union of Airline Pilots from May 3 to 30.

This national union of airline pilots, which doesn’t represent Air France pilots, is addressing claims to the public authorities that do not specifically concern Air France. The airline says it will be forced to cancel flights operated by striking pilots.

Air France has responded to the strike notice by saying it “does not accept having its customers taken hostage”.

Even though the union’s national action aims to impact all airlines, it will penalise in priority the Air France Group, the main employer of French pilots. The airline says it “represents a major threat for all Air France staff”.

“This movement is unusual both in terms of its duration of close to one month, as in its modus operandi, which will significantly penalise the Air France Group’s flight schedule on a daily basis at two key moments in its operation,” the airline said in a strongly worded statement.

The strike times decided by the SNPL National Union of Airline Pilots are particularly penalizing for Air France and its customers: a work stoppage from 05:45 to 07:45 will disrupt the early morning departures of medium-haul flights and, due to flight sequencing, the entire day’s flight schedule. And a work stoppage from 12:45 to 15:45 will affect the day’s broadest span of long-haul departures, with over 30 long-haul flights scheduled out of 70 daily long-haul flights.

The strike would disrupt the Air France flight schedule and prevent numerous connections at Paris-CDG. To avoid this situation and out of respect for its customers, Air France says it will be forced to cancel the majority of flights operated by striking pilots. Only a very limited number of flights will be rescheduled.

Air France says it wants to minimise inconvenience caused to its customers, such as delays, last-minute cancellations and saturated boarding lounges. It adds that it will do all it can to inform its passengers by telephone, SMS and on the internet at least 24 hours before the departure of each flight concerned, once it has received information on the number of striking pilots.

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[photo courtesy Air France]

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