Study begins on Sweden-Denmark rail tunnel

New infrastructure solutions needed to connect Copenhagen and Malmö

With the number of commuters between Malmö and Copenhagen growing ever larger, research will soon be conducted into creating an underground rail line to link the two cities. A rail link by bridge was only completed a year ago. A subway link would take 15 years to complete and carry a price tag of around $1.87 billion. The two cities will conduct a joint study, to be completed by the end of 2013, on how such a connection in a new tunnel under the Öresund could raise transport capacity between the two cities and boost the region’s economic growth.
“The tracks on the Öresund Bridge won’t be enough for all trains in the future,” Malmö Mayor Ilmar Reepalu told the newspaper Dagens Nyheter. “That’s why we need to plan for increased capacity now, so commuters aren’t forced to take their cars.”
[pictured: Stationen Triangeln, Malmö; courtesy Karl Baron]