Stuttgart beer fest dwarfs Oktoberfest

Stuttgart’s Cannstatter Volksfest breaks records
Munich is no longer the place of first choice for beer and lederhosen. Stuttgart’s Cannstatter Volksfest saw twice as many people at its opening weekend than Munich’s famed Oktoberfest saw in the first three days.
Stuttgart welcomed about a million beer-drinkers at its Wasen festival grounds on its first weekend, starting September 23, whereas Oktoberfest recorded a fall in visitors in its first weekend, starting September 17, at just half a million.
“It was an opening better than we could have hoped for,” said Volksfest organiser Andreas Kroll.
Security fears and poor weather are blamed for the disappointing Oktoberfest stats, while Stuttgart enjoyed sunshine and warm temperatures. Oktoberfest is winding to a halt today, but Volksfest rumbles on until October 9.
DPA / The Local