“Suitcase war” as overall fares increase

Passengers get charged for falling ticket prices
Secretly, it seems, all airlines in the Netherlands have raised their luggage prices considerably, the newspaper Telegraaf.nl reports. In this way they are trying to compensate for lower ticket and holiday prices this summer.
Airlines are increasingly dependent on the extra “ancillary” income generated by seats, luggage and services. As companies and consumers book the lowest ticket prices, they do not always take into consideration the price of additional services.
This is where airlines are making their money, according to Steven van der Heijden, chief executive of the airline Corendon.
“The competition is tougher,” he says. “Consumers want cheaper travel and book the cheapest. But the cost of luggage and additional services are not considered in the choice of holiday. So we have to make money.”
Airlines such as Air France-KLM’s low-cost carrier Transavia and KLM are also participating in the trend. Corendon has increased the price of a suitcase of up to 20kg from €6 to €8 each way, TUI charter airline Arke from €5 to €8, and KLM on European flights from €15 to €20 in tourist class.
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