Summer in Sweden disappeared this year

Stockholm had just six summer days this year

The rotten weather in northern Europe this year meant that Swedes experienced a greatly reduced number of hot summer days. Stockholm saw just six days with temperatures over 25 degrees Celsius. That compares with 28 days in 2011. The figures apply to the period between the start of June and August 19, as measured by the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute. Malmö saw nine days above 25 degrees, Gothenburg five. However, an unusually late seasonal high occurred on August 20, when temperatures reached 32.1 degrees in the Swedish capital.
The cool summer compared to a comparative heat wave this year in southern Europe and may persuade even more people in Scandinavia to book ahead for warmer climes next year.
The Local
[pictured: Lake Eldan, Långserud, Värmland; photo by Jacque de Villiers/]