Sverigeflyg and Malmö Aviation make first biofuel flight

Flight is part of Fly Green Fund business association initiative
The airlines Sverigeflyg and Malmö Aviation have flown a maiden flight with biofuel. The flight was between Stockholm Bromma and Visby and marks the start of a new concept where passengers will be able to choose whether or not to fly on biofuel.
The flight comes under the auspices of Fly Green Fund, a newly established business association with the aim of laying the foundations for a market for biofuel in the Nordic region. It brings together players like Malmö Aviation, Sverigeflyg, SAS and airport owner Swedavia.
The Nordic initiative gives companies and organizations the opportunity to participate and reduce their climate impact by kick-starting the market for biofuel flights in the Nordic region.
This is done through the co-financing of the extra cost for biofuels that exists today, while starting production of biofuels in the Nordic countries using local products. Today’s biofuel is three to four times as expensive as ordinary jet fuel, but Fly Green Fund says that with greater demand and volumes the price will go down.
“It is important that we get started to fly on biofuel,” says Anders Ehrling, president and CEO of Braathens Aviation, which has also joined the initiative. “Partly to show the market that the demand is there, and partly to show that airlines will be able to reduce their carbon footprint considerably more than, say, an aviation tax could help with.”
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