Swede killed in runway car crash

Flight school student dead as car crashes on airport runway

A 24-year-old man from Sweden was the only person killed in a runway car accident in the United States late last week. The crash at California’s Tracy Municipal Airport occurred when a BMW carrying four flight school students was being driven around the runway. The driver, a man in his thirties, lost control and the car crashed through a fence. The car rolled over before hitting a canal. Three people managed to escape from the canal, but the victim was trapped in the backseat.
“We suspect that his body has been carried away by the strong current,” police officer Tony Sheneman told Aftonbladet. “We can’t find him.”
The driver is in custody, suspected of manslaughter and possibly facing up to three years in prison. He told police that he lifted his foot from the pedal, but the car continued at high speed.
The Local
[pictured: Tracy, California]

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