Sweden opens Museum of Failure

Soon-to-be touring exhibition showcases flop products
The Betamax cassette player, a Harley Davidson perfume and a pen for women. These and other famous flops take the spotlight at a new museum showcasing some of the world’s biggest-ever failures.
The Museum of Failure opens its doors today in Helsingborg, southern Sweden, before becoming a touring exhibition throughout Sweden at a later date.
“Companies are innovative, but they don’t learn from their mistakes. And they keep them secret,” explains psychologist and innovation researcher Samuel West, who has a collection of 50 failed innovations.
Bic’s ‘for her’ pen was “designed to fit comfortably in a woman’s hand” and came in pink or purple. The product was a disaster. Harley Davidson’s fragrance launched in 1996 and failed because motorcycle fanatics are not known for their passion for perfume.
Twitter Peek, meanwhile, was a tiny digital box launched in 2008, used only to tweet on. With a miniscule screen, it was quickly eclipsed by the rise of smartphones.
TT / The Local