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Table laid in Småland, one of the seven locations (photo: Visit Sweden)

Sweden opens “world’s largest gourmet restaurant”

Michelin-starred chefs have teamed up for a restaurant in the wild, placing seven benches in different locations.

Four Swedish Michelin-starred chefs have teamed up to highlight the healthy and natural food available outdoors by setting up “a 100-million-acre DIY gourmet restaurant”.

The Edible Country campaign is an international effort to invite local and foreign guests “for free” in 2019 to visit “the world’s largest gourmet restaurant”, Visit Sweden reports.

Around 97% of Sweden is uninhabited and easily reachable to everyone, the organisers point out, and this new initiative aims to show the world how accessible healthy food can be.

Wooden tables have been placed in seven locations around Sweden with menus created by the four chefs. But the twist is – the chefs won’t be there in person. You have to prepare the meals yourself on the spot.

The “restaurant” will feature menus created from the ingredients found in the Swedish outdoors and is now open for reservations. More information on The Edible Country and its locations can be found here.

Nine courses
The Edible Country consists of a nine-course menu, co-created by Swedish Michelin-starred chefs Titti Qvarnström, Niklas Ekstedt, Jacob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr, which visitors can prepare and cook themselves in the wild.

Among the dishes is, for example, forest broth with poached perch and broiled herb butter, and freshly smoked char with chanterelles and wood sorrel.

At various points in the season, the forests are filled with berries, wild fruits, herbs, plants and mushrooms, while the rivers and lakes are teeming with life.

So beyond the salt, butter and honey that visitors need to take with them, all the ingredients are free. But they will need to find the wild ingredients, make a fire, and combine and cook them. Once visitors find one of the seven wooden tables they will also find the menu.

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