Sweden-Russia ferry increases service

Ferry between St Petersburg and Stockholm now has two Tallinn stops

St Peter Line, a Cypriot shipping company whose vessel Princess Anastasia has been plying the route between Russia’s maritime city of St Petersburg and the capital of Sweden since April, will now be stopping at the Estonian capital Tallinn in both directions instead of only Stockholm-Tallinn-St Petersburg. The ship departs Tallinn for St Petersburg on Sunday evenings returning to Tallinn early on Tuesdays, allowing passengers from Estonia and Sweden to enjoy a visa-free day in St Petersburg. The Tallinn-Stockholm line attracts approximately 1 million passengers a year, and while the St Petersburg leg is less busy it is growing quickly.
In a sense, Princess Anastasia is returning home. Originally built in 1986 for Viking Line as MS Olympia, the vessel operated between Stockholm and Helsinki. In 1993, she was sold to Irish Continental Group and renamed MS Pride of Bilbao, sailing between the UK and both France and Spain, until being purchased once again in 2010.

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