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Sweden sees strong increase in midsummer train travel

The Swedish rail operator SJ says there has been a significant increase in travellers using its services this midsummer compared to last year.

The Swedish travel company SJ, who advertises itself as offering sustainable train travel, says that it has seen a sharp increase of 34% in travel this midsummer season, with the greatest increase on Thursday, June 20th.

Along with the Christmas holiday, midsummer is usually one of the year’s largest travel weekends in Sweden, but the company says that booking for midsummer this year is unusually high. To meet the growing demand, the company is using nearly all of its trains.

Tobbe Lundell, press manager at SJ, says that the fact that more Swedes are opting out of car traffic is positive for the environment but states that seating is limited.

“For those travellers who are late, there are still opportunities to book tickets, especially if you have the opportunity to travel during Midsummer’s Eve when demand is lower,” says Lundell.

Capital connections
The route between Stockholm and Gothenburg is midsummer’s most popular.

Other popular routes during midsummer are Stockholm to Uppsala and Stockholm to Malmö and on to Copenhagen.

SJ connects all of Sweden as well as connecting to other Scandinavian capitals. Every day, 140,000 people choose to travel with one of SJ’s 1,200 departures from 284 stations.

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