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Liseberg Amusement Park

Sweden to unveil Europe’s longest dive coaster

Valkyria is the Liseberg park’s biggest gamble, with an estimated cost of SEK 300 million (€29 million).

The Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg is making a substantial investment in a new rollercoaster, which is set to be the biggest of its kind in Europe and is due to open in July.

Valkyria includes a 50-metre vertical drop and a stretch that reaches 105 kilometres per hour that blasts directly into an underground tunnel.

After almost two years of planning and a year’s construction, the highest point is now in place. Valkyria is Liseberg’s biggest and most expensive gamble, with a cost estimated at around SEK 300 million (€29 million).

The coaster’s total length will be 750 metres, during which there will be three ‘inversions’, where the passengers will temporarily travel upside-down.

Capacity is set at 1,100 riders per hour, aboard three trains with three cars. Riders will be arranged six across per row with a total of 18 riders per train.

Journey to the afterlife
Valkyria is a steel dive rollercoaster whose name is derived from Norse mythology – a creature that carried fallen warriors to the afterlife.

It is one of two new attractions at Liseberg, the other having been constructed for the 2017 season – Loke, a Gyro Swing also carrying the Norse mythology theme.

Further plans are afoot for Liseberg to coincide with Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary in 2021, including a water park and a themed experience hotel. The 30,660sqm hotel will have 453 rooms and also offer 1,350sqm of space for meetings and events including space for 550 guests in the hotel’s main restaurant.

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