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BRA Fokker 50 (photo: BRA)

Sweden’s domestic travel slump hits BRA

The regional carrier has decided it has no choice but to postpone buying long-awaited new aircraft for the foreseeable future.

The decline in domestic traffic in Sweden has shaken the regional airline BRA into postponing a decision on new aircraft acquisitions, the travel site Flygtorget writes.

“We have postponed the decision. For now, there will be no new jets for the foreseeable future,” the Stockholm Bromma-based carrier’s owner Per G Braathen confirms.

Swedish domestic aviation has lost its momentum and appears to be in a decline that is getting steeper.

The latest traffic figures for February point to a 6% drop in domestic traffic at the operator Swedavia’s ten airports around the country.

The fall in February was by as much as 8% at Stockholm Bromma, 9% in Umeå and 10% in Ronneby, all of which has serious consequences for BRA as it has the majority of production in its home market.

Routes reviewed
The carrier has already announced the closure of a route, between Gothenburg and Sundsvall, flown with a Fokker 50 leased from the Stockholm-based cargo carrier Amapola Flyg. It started the route only last October.

“We are looking over the entire network and also the frequencies at different destinations to see if we should adjust the production,” Braathen, who is chief executive of Braganza which owns BRA, tells Flygtorget. He also blames the country’s aviation tax for the airline’s woes.

BRA operates a fleet of ATR-72 and Avro aircraft, the 11 Avros having an average age of 15 years. It had previously decided to order ten Airbus A220s, but this has been repeatedly postponed.

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