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Sweden’s future travel agents head east

Young people studying travel and tourism will see how the Baltics attract visitors from distant markets.

Young people studying travel and tourism in Sweden will be going on a study trip later this month to investigate what their colleagues in the Baltic countries are doing to attract visitors from distant markets.

Students at the Travel Education Centre (TEC) studying destination management and incoming tourism will go on their study trip to the Baltic capitals in late February.

The aim is to make valuable contacts for future collaboration and to learn how the Swedes’ Baltic contemporaries work to attract international visitors to their respective destinations.

Global tourism is rapidly increasing, especially from emerging markets where increasing millions are finding they have the money and freedom to travel. The Nordic and Baltic countries can work together to lure these tourists to experience the wider region in a single trip, the TEC says.

An important ingredient to succeeding, the centre adds, is that foreign tour operators can hire qualified agents in the region who can package attractive trips, experiences and arrangements for their target groups.

“The focus on education in incoming tourism has proven to be correct over time. The students are highly sought after in the market and the majority get a job even before they graduate,” says Lotta Sand, education director at TEC.

It has been found that many long-haul travellers from, for example, China and India not only want to visit Sweden but also experience many countries and cultures in this part of the world.

Sand says that on their own Baltic trip the students will visit Vilnius, Riga, Jurmala and Tallinn to learn more about how the countries are organised and attract international visitors to their destinations. The future travel agents have organised the trip themselves.

“Good cooperation across national borders strengthens the competitiveness of the entire Baltic Sea region, and the journey provides a good foundation for the future of tourism development in northern Europe,” argues Hans Berglund, TEC’s training and production engineer.

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