Swedes have world’s best passport – almost

But Danish and Finnish passports are not so bad
With a Swedish passport you can visit more countries without a visa than any other nationality – except German. Sweden’s passport is the second best in the world in terms of travel freedom, with Germany’s passport number one.
Swedish citizens could visit as many as 176 nations without a visa in 2015, while German citizens could visit 177 countries visa-free, according to the Visa Restrictions Index compiled by UK consultancy Henley and Partners.
Swedes have been gaining more travel freedom in recent years. In 2013, they could go to 173 places without having to worry about a visa.
The UK fell from first to third in 2015, at 175 locations visa-free, a position it shares with Finland, France, Italy and Spain. Denmark finds itself tied with the US, Belgium and the Netherlands on 174 countries.
At the bottom of the table, a passport from Afghanistan can get you visa-free entry to just 25 countries. Just above that are Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia and Syria.
TT / The Local