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Swedes told to get passports sorted

Swedish passport appointments should be booked well in advance of the summer rush.

Swedish authorities are urging the public to get their passports sorted out now, well before the summer rush slows down applications.

Anyone needing to make an appointment as part of a passport application or renewal should do so well ahead of the summer holidays, which is when the backlog starts to build up, The Local reports.

Appointments can be booked online via the police website, although in some regions they seem to be getting harder to make.

“A lot of people are calling us at the switchboard and asking what they should do,” said Eva-Marie Winblad Österlind of the Stockholm police switchboard.

“We of course try to help, but we have no extra time slots at our disposal. We also use the normal time booking system and book times through that.”

It can become especially tricky to get an appointment from mid-April.

60-day wait
“We estimate that you should be able to book times 60 days in advance and the passport offices with booking systems continuously release new times,” comments Emelie Lindvall of the police passport department.

“It may therefore be worth visiting the online time booking system frequently in order to find a free time.”

Passports tend to be delivered within one week of the completed appointment.

While people travelling in the autumn should find it easier to get a time, anyone travelling sooner could also look for appointments at other offices they can get to, the police advise.

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