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How Swedes are travelling this winter

More Swedes are travelling by rail in Sweden this winter, a new survey says.

Every second Swede plans to travel on holiday this winter, and 27% are travelling within Sweden, according to research commissioned by the national rail service SJ.

Skiing (36%) and spending time with the family (30%) are the most attractive reasons, while Åre (29%) is the most popular ski resort, followed by Sälen (24%) and Riksgränsen (12%). Bookings for the latter resort have doubled this year.

And three out of four domestic travellers are choosing the train as their preferred mode of public transport to get around, SJ’s survey of 1466 respondents reveals.

“The Swedes love skiing, both downhill and cross-country. We’re seeing high demand for trips to the mountains this year, not least on journeys by night train north to the ski resorts in Upper Norrland and Jämtlandsfjällen,” says Karin Starkman Ahlstedt, head of communications at SJ.

SJ’s night-train bookings northwards to Swedish ski resorts have increased by 10% in January-March, compared with the same period last year.

Better than flying
Trains are the most popular mode of public transport in Sweden in winter, the research says, with 74% opting for rail services, followed by flights (33%) and the bus (21%). The main reasons to take the train are that it is comfortable (49%) and environmentally friendly (42%).

“It is becoming increasingly popular to get the train to winter destinations, and not only to the ski resorts,” says Karin Starkman Ahlstedt.

Most popular Swedish resorts
Åre (29%)
Sälen (24%)
Riksgränsen (12%)
Idrefjäll (10%)
Vemdalen (9%)
Abisko (5%)
Funäsdalen (5%)
Hemavan / Tärnaby (4%)
Ramundberget (4%)
Björkliden (3%)

Are you planning to travel on holiday this winter?
Yes, within Sweden (19%)
Yes, abroad (25%)
Yes, both abroad and in Sweden (8%)
No, not at all (48%)

Which public transport do you choose for your travels in Sweden?
Train (74%)
Flights (33%)
Bus (21%)

Ski resorts with the most train bookings, Jan-Mar 18
Abisko tourist station
Abisko East

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