Swedes want high-speed rail and connectivity

Amadeus study says Swedes want multi-transport mode tickets

A new report commissioned by Amadeus examines European rail passengers’ expectations for the future. Three-quarters of respondents would choose an international high-speed train than another vehicle, if the price was competitive. The YouGov survey, based on data from more than 7,000 train passengers in Sweden, the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, shows that 77% would choose international high-speed rail travel rather than another the plane or car.
Nearly 60% said they already wanted to book tickets that cover connecting trains and other modes of transport – and this desire was most pronounced among Swedish travellers (71%), followed by Germany (64%) and Spain (63%). The desire for the availability of travel insurance and hotel bookings, Wi-Fi and entertainment on board were also high on the list, while 70% of respondents said that by 2014 they expect comfortable seating and areas to relax at international rail stations.
When asked which famous person they most wanted to sit next to on a train, Swedes chose Barack Obama as their dream company, the French and Spanish wanted George Clooney on the seat beside them and the Germans wanted Angela Merkel.
[pictured: Intercity-Express, or ICE, Germany]