Swedish “barbecue hut” in TripAdvisor Top 10

TripAdvisor names its favourite holiday rentals worldwide

Located in the peaceful and isolated village of Ockelbo, central Sweden, the Barbecue Hut is a perfect holiday rental for anyone wishing to get away from it all. Now it has been named in a top 10 list of “quirky vacation rentals” that are “incredibly creative”. TripAdvisor continues: “These two cottages offer a beautiful child-friendly beach, an outdoor wood-heated sauna, hot-tub bathing barrel and a wonderful barbecue hut with real reindeer skins.”
Other places named in the list include a hilltop windmill with panoramic views in Odemira, Portugal; the Exotic Treehouse at Kailauea Volcano, Hawaii; the White Elephant Floating Inn in Boston Harbour; and the spectacular Clifftop Cottage in Glossa, Greece, which has unparalleled views over the Aegean Sea.