Swedish airline pilot caught drunk

Drunken SAS airline pilot fails breathalyzer at Arlanda

A pilot about to fly a SAS aircraft from Stockholm’s Arlanda airport was stopped from departing after being found to be over the legal limit. This could be the first-ever Swedish pilot caught in a breathalyzer test, according to some observers, and it is the first time someone has tested positive for alcohol at Arlanda since new rules on routine checks came into force in September 2010. The limit in Sweden, for driving and flying, is a blood alcohol concentration above 0.2 Promille. The pilot had a concentration of over 1.0 Promille.
The rules at SAS are even stricter, with the 0.2 Promille limit enforced within eight hours before take-off. The airline says it is working with the border police in its investigation and will carry out its own internal investigation.
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[Photo: Swedavia/Tommy Säfström]