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Stockholm Arlanda Airport (photo: Swedavia)

Swedish airport staff linked to organised crime

Insiders work with notorious gangs to ease the flow of drugs, weapons and money through the airport, a leaked report says.

A number of people working at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport have direct or indirect links to some of Sweden’s most notorious criminal networks, a leaked classified police report reveals.

Police state that “several individuals with criminal links” continue to work in strategic positions at Sweden’s biggest airport, according to the report which was prepared for customs officials last September.

The positions include staff responsible for security, runways and baggage handling, says the report, which was obtained by Swedish tabloid Kvällsposten, The Local website writes.

Notorious gangs active in Sweden such as the Hells Angels can make use of these inside contacts to ease the smuggling of drugs and weapons.

At least ten staff in the security check area are identified in the report, although two of these had already been fired in 2017.

Cash and drugs
Examples of the ‘insiders’ being put to use include allowing a cash smuggler through security despite a flashing X-ray and a baggage handler convicted of drug smuggling.

Arlanda’s camera surveillance systems are criticised in the report as inadequate. These weaknesses leave the country open to terrorism, the report warns.

“The lack of continuous training can lead to the risk indicators for terror travellers or human trafficking not being used as an operational tool,” it states.

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