Swedish and German arrivals help Cyprus

Cyprus witnesses record tourist arrivals in July
Celebrating a record month in tourist arrivals, Cyprus welcomed 531,030 tourists in July, a rise of more than 10% compared to 482,132 in July 2016. It is the highest ever recorded for one month.
Arrivals from Sweden jumped by 17.3% and visitors from Germany climbed 69.5%, while those from the biggest market, the UK, rose 6% during the month.
The main sources of tourism in July still hail from the UK (33.3%) and Russia (24.3%).
Around 88% of arrivals visited for summer holidays, 9.7% to visit family and friends, 2.3% on business. Men made up 44.8% of arrivals, women 55.2%. Most belonged to the 20-44 age group.
The July figures mean that between January and July, tourist arrivals reached 1,994,236, a 14.8% jump, and the most arrivals ever recorded in Cyprus during this period.

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