Swedish company creates low-carbon aviation fuel

Fuel is being developed from waste gases from steel production

Flights powered by biofuels developed by a Swedish company could begin in two years. Together with Virgin Atlantic and the New Zealand-based company LanzaTech, Swedish Biofuels is developing a world-first aviation fuel that has half the carbon footprint of standard fossil fuel. The source of the new fuel is waste gases from industrial steel production, which are captured, fermented and chemically converted into jet fuel using the Swedish company’s technology. The method recycles gases that would otherwise go up into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. Virgin Atlantic says it plans flights with the new fuel on routes between London Heathrow and Shanghai and Delhi within two to three years.
“This partnership to produce a next generation, low-carbon aviation fuel is a major step towards radically reducing our carbon footprint,” Virgin Atlantic President Sir Richard Branson said.
[pictured: Boeing 777-200LR; photo by Boeing Dreamscape]


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