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Photo: Tillberg Design of Sweden

Swedish cruise design firm booms

Tillberg Design of Sweden has just opened an office in Miami and says that business is growing rapidly.

Tillberg Design of Sweden, which has quickly become a leading interior design company for the world’s luxury cruise lines, has opened an office in Miami.

The company, which admits that “business is very good” right now, already has 115 architects and designers in its studios in Höganäs in Sweden, Singapore and Wroclaw in Poland.

“We are expanding in all directions and Miami has been on our wish list for some time,” Per Lindqvist, the company’s Miami-based business director, tells Cruise Industry News. “It is a natural place to be.”

Quick response
Tillberg designs “award-winning creative environments that are cutting edge contemporary as well as timeless and classic”, the company says in its marketing materials, with a client list that includes major cruise enterprises and smaller exclusive boutique ships.

“We can respond quickly to any demands and be available to act as things are happening,” says Lindqvist. “The refits are a business that is growing, and with our presence in Miami it’s easy to do surveys.”

Lindqvist, who has been working at the firm for 17 years, says that Tillberg is expanding as the cruise industry itself expands.

Current trends include projects that start much earlier, as lines compete for newbuild and drydock slots, and crew areas.

“Upscale crew areas and cabins. That is a big trend. Also, the [passenger] demographics of older and retired people are getting younger and more active and we need to cater to that crowd.” Lingqvist says.

Dramatic growth
Tillberg Design of Sweden has grown dramatically in recent years, its number of employees going from 10 to over 100, and its turnover rising to SEK 130 million (€12.7 million) in 2018.

“Business is very good,” partner Fredrik Johansson tells Cruise & Ferry. “At a time of fantastic growth, we’re working on empowering our staff, and we have – as a first step – promoted a number of our team members to partners and shareholders.”

He adds: “We set out to tick all of the boxes, and that’s what we’ve achieved. We don’t just deliver creative and great looking designs, we also have a very good understanding of the market and how our designs can help to improve our clients’ businesses. Finally, we always deliver accurate design documentation, on time.”

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