Swedish domestic flight declares emergency

Captain quickly turns flight around minutes after take-off
Just minutes after taking off from Gothenburg on a scheduled flight to Stockholm Bromma, a plane operated by Swedish domestic airline BRA had to make a controlled landing this morning.
The plane took off from Gothenburg Landvetter at 06:05 but the captain quickly asked permission to urgently return to the airport. Fire and rescue services and ambulances were scrambled to the runway.
“It was shortly after take-off that the pilot declared an emergency and landed on the opposite lane. There was some kind of vibration. But before landing the pilot said everything was working as normal,” Birgitta Eckermark of the Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre told Expressen.
“It happened pretty quickly. It took three, four minutes from him turning around to them landing.”
Emma Sandsjö, spokesperson for BRA, told Expressen: “The plane shook in a way that differed from the norm. The captain then chose to slow down and the vibrations stopped.”
She added: “The decision was then taken to go back and land in Gothenburg. The captain declared an emergency to the tower, which you do when something abnormal is detected, but in a dialogue with the tower they decided to do a controlled, normal landing.”
Sandsjö said that the airline would “like to be in contact with any passengers who experienced discomfort. We will offer support to those who need it.” Bromma-Gothenburg are delayed today as a result of the incident.
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