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Tamokdalen (photo: upguides.com)

Swedish, Finnish skiers presumed dead in Norway

An avalanche is believed to have hit the four skiers last week, and medical experts say there is no chance of survival.

An almost weeklong search by Norwegian authorities for four Swedish and Finnish skiers looks likely to close as medical experts say there is no way they could have survived.

The three Finnish men and a Swedish woman appear to have been swept away by an avalanche in the Arctic, the news agency AFP reports,

The skiers were reported missing on Wednesday afternoon in Tamokdalen southeast of Tromsø in Troms County, northern Norway. Police have not named the four victims, who are all in their thirties.

Poor visibility and bad weather complicated the search, but a helicopter team detected transponder signals on Friday in the area hit by the avalanche.

“This confirms our assumption that the missing were swept away by the avalanche,” police commissioner Astrid Nilsen told journalists. “We do not consider it feasible that any of the four could have survived.”

Critical minutes
Survival in such cases could be counted in minutes, not hours, Dr Mads Gilbert of the University Hospital of North Norway tells AFP.

“We are absolutely convinced that there is no medical basis to continue to search for [the skiers] as if they were still alive,” he says.

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