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Swedish firm purifies Marriott Shanghai’s air

Now you can request a room with clean air supplied by QleanAir Scandinavia.

The Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre is now offering a Scandinavian solution to promise its guests that they will sleep in a clean and fresh indoor air environment, allowing them to rest more soundly while re-oxygenating their blood.

In a city whose air is often polluted, the five-star hotel wants to provide its business and leisure guests with rooms that are safe havens for healthy indoor air quality.

The rooms are now fitted with “an advanced air filtration system” that has been developed by QleanAir Scandinavia, a company based in Solna near Stockholm, which was founded in 1987.

Each QleanAir room is fitted with its own air filtration unit that captures the air pollution and contaminants and releases only pure, clean air, “feeding body and mind” as the company puts it.

Also included in the room is a real-time air quality monitor to see what the air quality is in the room and what it is outside.

Clean-air bookings
Not all of the rooms are fitted with the system and guests have to request a QleanAir Room when they book. This can be done via Marriott’s booking system on the hotel giant’s website under ‘view rates’ and ‘deals and packages’.

It can also be done through the Marriott app, which also provides an electronic key to the room, allowing guests to bypass the front desk.

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