Swedish hotel chain rewards divorcees

Hotels to return your money if you get divorced
A Swedish hotel chain is offering couples who stay with them a refund if they get divorced within a year.
Countryside Hotels, which was founded in 1983 and now includes around 40 hotels across the country, says the refund applies to married couples who sleep in the same room booked under a “relationship guarantee”.
If the couple splits within 12 months, they get their money back for two nights if they send in the divorce papers as proof.
“We have welcomed couples to our hotels and mansions around Sweden and seen how beneficial it can be to get away for a while and devote time to each other,” explains marketing officer Anna Madsen.
“We [want] to spread this information to more people and decided to take a radical approach and hope it will make more people understand how important it is to invest in your relationship in time.”
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