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Swedish rail reaches halfway with wifi

Rail passengers are gradually finding it more likely that their carriage is internet-connected.

People travelling by rail in Sweden now have a decent chance of boarding a wagon with a wireless internet connection. Rail operator SJ says that about half of the carriages now in use have wifi that is free for anyone to use.

In total, 232 carriages on 13 different lines now have wifi, the operator says, and by around the end of the year all carriages are expected to be equipped.

If wifi is available, a symbol can be seen on the inside of the carriage, at both ends.

“Having fast internet is one of the major competitive advantages of the train, whether it’s used for work or pleasure,” admits Jakob Åhgren Thörnblad, responsible for customer product at SJ. “We know that more and more people want to be connected during the trip and that it is important for our travellers.”

As connectivity rolls out, so usage has increased rapidly. The capacity limit per passenger for ‘full speed’ is 200mb, but three out of four users do not reach that quota, SJ says. Anyone who reaches the limit can continue to surf but at a lower speed.

Unique link
Wifi in closed carriages differs from wifi in SJ’s other trains because each car has its own unique wifi network, which is the same as the car’s individual number. The number is on the doorstep of the vestibule between the trolleys.

“Many of our carriages are used on lines with a lot of pendulum travel. As a result of the rollout, usage has therefore increased rapidly. In addition to the modern equipment aboard SJ’s trains, we are working with the mobile operators for further expansion of internet capacity along the Swedish network,” says Åhgren Thörnblad.

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