Swedish safari guide accused of murder in Africa

Foreigners who reported incident held in Central African Republic

In the wake of the unsolved murders of 13 people panning for gold in the Central African Republic, the Swedish head of a small safari company and ten of his employees have been arrested. The grisly scene was discovered in the northeast of the country, but the man’s wife insists he was merely involved in reporting the incident to police.
“In the southern part of our hunting grounds there is a place where they pan gold in a stream,” she told Expressen. “We were building roads in that area and we had some employees from central Africa working with us. They went down to the stream to fetch water and found dead people. They called my husband and asked him what to do.”
He called an Englishman who was close to the site to ask him to go there and check what had happened, after which the authorities were contacted. But since then both the Swede – a professional hunter and director of the company Central African Wildlife Adventures – and the Englishman have been arrested.
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[pictured: Shopping district in the capital Bangui; courtesy Afrika Force]

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