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Swedish startup launches hotel concierge platform

Instaroom describes itself as a messaging platform for managing complex customer journeys and transactions.

A new Swedish-based company, Instaroom, has launched a communication solution providing hoteliers with “a user-friendly, web-based concierge platform”.

Founded by a former executive of the wholesale travel brokerage company Tourico Holidays, Niklas Pettersson, Instaroom describes itself as a messaging platform for managing complex customer journeys, transactions and bookings”.

“The average hotel website only has a 2% conversation rate, in large part because hoteliers aren’t offering equal or better user experiences than big business-to-consumer travel sites,” Pettersson explains.

The new platform works to solve that issue, providing a customisable, white-label widget for hotel websites, analytics tools and full messaging integration that “enables hoteliers to establish a tether to new and returning guests, increase direct bookings and lower distribution costs”.

Instaroom launched in September 2017 and has offices in Sweden and Germany, and it will be opening a third office in Singapore starting July 1. It has received government funding from Almi, a Swedish state venture capitalist group, and private investors in the hotel and technology industries.

The platform engages prospective customers and supports in-house guests through one seamless, user-friendly platform, as well as centralising communications across different messaging platforms, including Facebook, WeChat and email.

Closer to customers
First Hotels, Scandinavia’s leading collection of hotels, was one of the first partners to use Instaroom’s beta technology.

“Since integrating Instaroom, our hotels are generating and capitalising on more direct revenue opportunities, while also bringing us closer to our customers,” the hotel company states.

“The platform enhances the digital experience, leading to more engaged prospective consumers and happier in-house guests.”

Pettersson says about the new concierge platform: “Nearly nine out of ten millennials prefer messaging to other communication – and more than half of all travellers will be millennials by 2025. It’s time for hoteliers to embrace the next generation of travellers and connect with them using an intuitive, centralised messaging ecosystem that connects them directly with hoteliers and keeps consumers on your website.”

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