Swedish tourists fear illness more than terror

Swedes asked what they worry about most when abroad
Questioned on what they worry most about when on holiday abroad, almost half of Swedish tourists said they feared sickness the most, a new survey says.
On behalf of the travel agency Ticket, Swedish market research firm Sifo asked Swedes about their main concerns when preparing for a leisure trip abroad.
Around 45% of the 1,000 respondents worried mostly about getting sick, while 33% feared theft or robbery and 28% named terror threats. More women than men worry about the threat of terror – 33% and 24%, respectively.
However, 10% of all respondents said they had no worries at all.
“Swedish travellers tend to worry more about everyday events such as getting sick or getting their passport or wallet stolen, rather than the very low risk of being exposed to a terror attack,” said Katarina Daniels, press officer at Ticket.
Swedes’ biggest worries on foreign holidays abroad:
1. Getting sick (45%)
2. Theft or getting robbed (33%)
3. Terror threats (28%)
4. Losing their luggage (19%)
5. Bringing home bedbugs (17%)
6. Losing your passport (16%)
7. That the hotel won’t be as good as promised (13%)
8. Road accidents (12%)
9. Money scams (12%)
10. Delays (11%)

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