Tallink reveals weaker passenger numbers, layoffs

Passengers are down 3% on lucrative Estonia-Finland line

Estonian shipping company Tallink Grupp says it carried 1,092,180 passengers in July, which is 3% less than a year earlier, the Estonian business daily Äripäev writes. This is more bad news for the company after it announced its worst-ever Q1 results.

Industry analysts say that Tallink’s lucrative Estonia-Finland line is suffering because of Finland’s economic problems. In what is usually peak sales season, Finns are staying at home. Tallink carried 542,752 passengers on the route in July, also 3% less year-on-year.

All the firm’s other routes are also in decline. Passengers on Finland-Sweden are down 3.6%, Latvia-Sweden down 0.9%, Estonia-Sweden down 0.5%.

Tallink announced this week it would lay off 29 employees as a result of chartering its passenger ferry Silja Europa to Australia from August for a period of between 14 and 48 months.


[photo courtesy Tallink Group]