Tallink sails hot water in scandal in Sweden

Director makes tricky statement about rape on ferries

Tallink Group has suffered a blow to its reputation in Sweden, in which the Estonian ferry company’s personnel and development chief Vahur Ausmees has found himself in hot water.

In an interview on TV4 Nyhetern that addressed the issue of rape on passenger ferries, Ausmees appeared to imply that it was women’s fault if they got drunk and raped.

“Every woman should think how much she drinks,” he said. “She knows what it can lead to.”

The Swedish-language version of the Tallink Silja website has been flooded with comments against Ausmees’ statement. He has since issued an apology.

“I apologise to everybody who felt insulted by my words. Unfortunately the long interview on personal responsibility for use of alcohol contained a badly formulated sentence,” he said, adding that his earlier statement was a lapse in concentration and did not represent his personal views or the views of Tallink Group.


[photo courtesy Tallink Group]