Tallinn Airport chief executive steps down

CEO Rein Loik says it’s time for new blood
The long-time chief executive of Tallinn Airport, Rein Loik, has handed in his resignation. At the helm of the company since 1998, Loik says he needs a break.
He explained the move with the simple desire to significantly reduce his workload. The state-owned airport’s supervisory board will meet on February 29 to consider the request.
“Unnoticed even by myself, I’ve reached retirement age and now is the best time to pass on the baton,” he said.
“The airport has grown impressively in 17 years and today the airport of Tallinn stands on the threshold of the next development jump, with an extensive construction period requiring 150% commitment from the manager about to begin.”
He added: “I know for sure that all preparations for big developments have gone as planned and entrust the tense project management phase to a leader of a younger generation with a calm heart.”

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